Testing Capability

Concept2Engineering are experts in the testing and qualification of valves and vessels, from standard production testing, qualification testing to various standards to customer specific testing intended to meet project specific requirements and validate new designs.

Our purpose built valve test facility is capable of testing and qualifying any valve type or class up to and including DN 400, we can test from -196°C (fully cryogenic) all the ways up to 400°C under stable temperatures and pressures, and we can test over 1000°C using our fire test facility, ensuring valves perform under the most stringent of conditions. We can pressure test on water up to 100,000 psi and up to 30,000 psi on gas.

We have a range of purpose built test rigs designed to enable the qualification of valves to various standards (outlined below in scope of testing), including our fire test facility capable of qualifying valves, vessels and other assemblies to various industry standards and ensuring they are safe to be used in the field. Our valve fire test facility is capable of safely testing at pressures up to, and including, 20,000 psi for numerous international standards including but not limited to BS EN ISO 10497, API 607 and API 6FA.

As part of the Concept2Engineering’s ongoing research and development for our valve test facility we can now offer hyperbaric testing for subsea valves and equipment at depths of up to 3000m to standards such as API 17D.

Concept2Engineering have three large test cabinets (6m x 2.4m x 3.0m) all of which are fully blast proofed and fitted with CCTV enabling tests to be witnessed from the safety of the workshop or office for customers and third-party inspectors. Data logging software is used to capture and record all temperatures and pressures for inclusion in the final report; this data is displayed in real time on screens at the test panel for continual review by the test engineer and 3rd party inspectors.

We also have the capability for tests to be remotely viewed from anywhere in the world. This is a great solution for our overseas customers, for whom it would normally not be feasible to witness a test. In this case the witness would be able to see both live test results and live CCTV footage of the test with constant communication with the test engineer. Multiple third party inspectors have used this capability and have found it clear and easy to use.

All pressure and temperature monitoring equipment used is calibrated in house by Concept2Engineering’s calibration department, using master equipment that is certified by UKAS accredited laboratories. Where outside calibration providers are used, traceability to a UKAS accredited laboratory is ensured.

Scope of Testing

Concept2Engineering has a range of tests available to customers including:

If you require a test to be performed to a standard not listed above, please contact us, as we may still be able to offer the test you require.

Scope of Testing at Customer Site

While all the above is offered at our workshop some of our test equipment is mobile enough to offer onsite testing that can often be more convenient for the customer as it excludes delivery times and costs. The onsite testing we can perform includes :

Availability for such tests depends upon the distance between the customer's workplace and our own.

Test Equipment

Health and Safety

Health and Safety is of paramount importance for Concept2Engineering, and comprehensive risk assessments are carried out before any testing is started. We also carefully consider the safety requirements for any inspectors at our sites and take great care to ensure no one is ever put in any danger.

As part of Concept2Engineering's health and safety considerations, oxygen depletion detectors and alarms have been installed to ensure the safety of test engineers and 3rd party inspectors for any tests involving liquid Nitrogen or any other asphyxiant gases.